History of Stainless Steel Car

July 15, 2015

Executives at Ford Motor Company and Allegheny Ludlum partition of steel worked together on a research that became a tribute or a legacy individually to the largest vibrant metals eternally manufactured in the year 1935. The stainless steel producer, Allegheny Ludlum, anticipated the proposal of producing a car made up of stainless steel to the Ford Motor Company.

Then that proposal was immediately implemented and they develop Deluxe Sedan made up of stainless steel in the year 1936. Later on, they develop two new stainless steel models of car such as Thunderbird in the year 1960 and Lincoln Continental Exchangeable in the year 1967. They made about 11 stainless steel cars, out of which 9 cars were used by most of the people.

The cars made up of stainless steel were the great automobiles for raising the knowledge of the value of the metal among the people. The value of the metal can be seen in the stainless steel. The six cars made up of stainless steel moved to the Ford meeting line in the year 1936 at Detroit and out of 6 cars, 4 of them still exist in today’s world as a result of the strength of stainless steel. Out of 6 cars, one of the stainless steel cars is exhibited at the Heinz Provincial History Center at Pittsburgh .

These six stainless steel cars run at 200,000 miles during the year 1946. This experiment got supreme achievement on a number of stages. After that, awareness about the stainless steel spreads to the public and the demand for stainless steel cars was increased in every city. These cars were dynamically used by the people and engineers and metallurgists got astonished at the supremacy of the stainless steel which is considered as an alloy of iron.

The two Ford Thunderbirds made up of stainless steel were presented throughout the Europe and United States in 1960. Then these two stainless steel cars moved to the Michigan manufacture line in July 1960 and moved around one lakh miles representing the eternal beauty and durability of stainless steel. The car’s bumpers, body skin and grille were prepared from T302 grade of stainless steel.

Both the stainless steel cars contain T304 grade of exhaust pipes and original mufflers following 25 years of usage of the cars. Lincoln Exchangeable was the preceding car made up of stainless steel manufactured by both of them in the year 1967.

Every stainless steel cars do not require any painting. The properties like corrosion resistance of the stainless steel reduce the problems made by rust. These stainless steel cars were used for the special events and customer visits. All the stainless steel cars were permanently displayed in the Crawford Vehicle Museum at Ohio .

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