Who Invented Stainless Steel

The stainless steel was invented by Harry Brearley in order to develop the quality of gun barrels. He was the son of a steel melter and was born in the year 1871 in Sheffield . Harry Brearley studied the possessions of steel and their effects on the processes of production.

Then he invents several types of steel that are resistant to corrosion. A research company known as Brown Firth Laboratories was set up by the two large steel firms in the year 1908. The main job was to advance the process of production. He was asked to resolve the problems of the corrosion of rifle barrels through the effects of discharge gasses and heat.

The experiments of Brearley focused on the addition of carbon and chromium. Steels contain chromium which is used as a constituent likely to have an elevated melting point and produce more corrosion resistant and strong steel.

Then steel was invented by the Harry Brearley having 0.24 percent of carbon in addition to 12.8 percent of chromium content. Then the steel invented by him was tested with the citrus and vinegar juice for testing the standard steel corrosion. It shows amazing results. It was found that the steel which was invented is resistant to corrosion.

The contents which are used in making steel are unique for a large variety of products and it was found that corrosion and staining were the large problems. The product like cutlery faced this kind of problem. After cutlery, various knives were made from stainless steel by R.F Mosley. So, after that several products were invented by the manufacturers and in order to protect from rust, they are thoroughly dried up and cleaned. All the products prepared from stainless steel are made up of high quality.
Elwood Haynes

He also introduced the stainless steel and invented the steel razor blade which was corrosion resistant. He invented a kind of stainless steel in the year 1911 and got untested in the year 1919. Haynes also got an award for his dedication towards work. Various types of alloys were invented by him such as nickel and chromium alloy, tungsten chrome steel and cobalt and chromium alloy.

Stellite which was manufactured from chromium and cobalt tungsten alloy was considered to be the hardest alloy as compared to other steels. This was considered as the well recognized invention of the Haynes Stellite Company.

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