XPR 6350: Intelligent Communication Instrument with Strength of Steel

July 16, 2015

Brand Motorola has become synonymous with communication instruments. They are having unparalleled expertise and experience in this technology. XPR 6350 is a non display model from the Motorola stable. This two way radio integrates both data and voice. It has the ability to function both in analog and digital modes. One of the best features of this two way radio is its clear sound as compared to other analog models.

GPS Facility

If you are searching for a non display two way communication instrument with GPS functions, your search ends here. There cannot be a more reliable instrument than this. GPS tracking function of this communication system will enable the managers to coordinate their workers and improve field operations. The response time in case of emergency, considerable decrease in maintenance tasks and increased safety workers has been made possible because of the availability of GPS system.

Water Resistant

The instrument is water resistant and fully submersible and it meets IP 57 specifications, therefore the users will have the confidence that the instrument will not ruin even if it gets wet.  Text messaging facilities are also available. Company claims higher battery life of up to 40% compared to the analog models of two way communication systems.

There are virtually no restrictions for its use and it can be used in places where inflammable gas is stocked or even at places combustive dust and vapors are present. The instrument is tough and is designed for rough conditions. Being tightly sealed, there is no possibility for dust to accumulate and disturb its functions.

Easy-to-Use Functions

Motorola XPR 6350 can emit emergency signals and users can transmit signals to a person or a group at times of emergency. There are few buttons on the side of this instrument that will enable the user to program his favorite functions like one touch calling and quick text messaging for easy access. Though it is a two way radio in its function, this instrument uses the latest technology and it is feature filled. It has 32 channels. It is based on the time-division multiple access (TDMA) technology that means you can make twice the calls for the license of one unit. It will enable the user to use two channels on one repeater.

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