The General Use of Shower Commode Chair

July 23, 2015

Everyone does not have the same fitness level. There are many people who suffer from hip injury that result in a lifelong trouble in the hips. People may also have problem in moving as the age increases and their hips become stiff. For making the bathroom more accessible for these people you need shower commode chairs that will be easy for them to use and enjoy the bath in the best possible way. This is a convenience that you need to offer your elders. Even if you don’t have a requirement now, keeping one handy can be quite useful.

The chance of breaking the hip when you are over 65 years of age is approximately 50%. The chances of fall during a shower in the bathroom are maximum. But with the chair that can be used during the shower can be quite beneficial in reducing the risk of fall on the slippery surface and this can reduce the risk of injury. The chair will make the people use the bathroom and do the daily bathroom works without the help of someone else. It may not be possible for you to accompany your parents or any elderly person every time and the house assistant may not be available always. But this shower commode chair will always be available.

The chair in question is generally much wider and bigger than the chairs that you normally see. There are two plastic armrest to make it more comfortable for people. The chair works as a commode and a wheel chair too. If someone wants to go to the toilet from his bed he can take the chair kept beside his bed and move to the toilet smoothly. It is possible to take shower on the chair too as the material used in it are water proof.

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