Importance of Article Rewriter in Content Marketing

January 6, 2017

Better Content routes itself from Great content inspirations

“Content is king”, has proven to be more than just a phrase. The thirst for fresh and unique content never ends.

Infact quality content defines the thin line between the success and failure of online presence of a business. It this therefore very important for a website to invest fairly in generating and publishing fresh content on their website on a regular basis.

To come up with good content, you need content inspirations. Please understand that taking inspirations from a great piece of content is very different from doing plagiarism.

You can always take the content idea, re-phrase it in different words and then go ahead and publish it. This is always a great to gain content authority.

There are times when you just can’t come up with new content or weave interesting words in your article to make it a better read.

As mentioned above, when you have a blog, its very important that you keep posting regularly on your website with fresh and unique content (that’s the first rule of content marketing  – make sure your content flow is consistent).

But in case the blog is managed by a single person, it’s not always possible to keep publishing fresh content on the website daily or even say, weekly.

In such scenarios, Article Rewriter comes in handy. This tool takes care of rewriting your article at absolutely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you won’t have to hire someone and pay a hefty amount to get your article rewritten.

Article Rewriter tools take some mere minutes to spin your content around and come up with a completely fresh article out of an original and existing article. Also, these help to fight plagiarism.

Which tool shall I use?

I have been using Webmastertoys Free Article Rewriter Tool and it is working out great for me. It always helps me find the “perfect words” I have been looking for.

The tool goes through your entire pasted content and looks for appropriate synonyms to replace in there.

All you have to do is paste your original article here and hit “Rewrite Article”. It delivers the results in a matter of few minutes.

Each word which is being replaced with an alternate option is highlighted in a different color. You can easily click on these words to find the original word, get suggestions or maybe add your own words.
I hope this article helped you. Which other tools have you been using? Would love to know about them in the comments below.

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