Stainless Steel Paint

July 15, 2015

stainless-steel-fabrication-melbourneThere are number of innovative methods to paint and finish stainless steel. One can use certain procedures like powder coating, paint, patinas, wax or varnish and make the stainless steel glowing. One can easily alter the common stainless steel into the astonishing stainless steel by using various easy valuable methods and derive the maximum from the metal.

The thing which makes the stainless steel beautiful requires no extra finishing beyond the grinding, sanding or graining and make use of the steel fabricators Melbourne which is considered as the final step in painting the stainless steel. So, if one needs a texture or color in their stainless steel, then they can use various methods for painting stainless steel.

Steps for How to Paint Stainless Steel

One can follow certain steps for painting stainless steel and they are:-

  • One can use oil based paint of a high quality and make use of brush, spray or roll which depends on the final texture.
  • One can visit a certified powder coater. It is an electrostatic procedure in which plastic powder is accumulated in a very slender layer above the plane and then it is baked. Powder coating provides certain benefits such as a large variety of textures and colors, flexibility and the capacity of the powder to hold into splinters on the surface and small holes without runs or drops.
  • One should use a correct wax while painting stainless steel. There are various varieties of high quality waxes available in the market which is prepared from the metalwork.
  • After that, one should select the perfect polish. These are considered as the chemical inventions which are prepared on the basis of coloration to metal and surface changes. Some uses hot and some apply cold and there are large varieties for selecting the best wax to give the stainless steel a natural finish.
  • Then metal should be varnished. Marine varnish is also one of the methods to give a final coating to the stainless steel. Varnishing is very easy to apply.
  • One can also use nail polish for writing on the metal or painting little areas which remain fixed for a long time and appear enormous. It is available in various shades and red hues are the most widely used shade of nail polish.

Tips for Painting Stainless Steel

  • One should begin with hygienic metal and make use of degreasing solvents like acetone, alcohol or methyl ethyl ketone.
  • Sometimes sandblasting is done for powder coating.
  • One should work in a dust-free atmosphere to prevent from pollution.
  • Each process or coating should be alleviated and should be dried before using extra coats.
  • All label directions should be followed and research should be done with the producer for excellent results.

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