Chinese Company Invests $310M into MVP RV

June 9, 2016

China based Winston Battery Ltd is going to invest $310 million in American RV company MVP RV, to encourage exports of motorhomes to China.

The US RV company has a distributor in China, the relation is privately held with the Winston Battery Ltd.
The partnership is high on goals and capital as well. Winston Battery will provide with finance to the American RV manufacturer to develop all electric motor homes and it’s charging system. The goal behind manufacturing such electric recreational vehicles is to export over 20,000 Class C motorhomes and more than 10,000 Class A motor homes to China in a period of three years. the total value of exports will be over $5 billion, estimates MVP. The agreement between both the companies clearly states that the vehicles will be exported to china through Winston and the future plans for development of future electric vehicles.

Earlier MVP had showcased its all electric vehicle prototype motorhome at the World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Symposium, China with the request of Winston investor for the MVP RV.

At the show they featured 44,000 pounds GVWR, 42 foot and the electric prototype was known as Winston and was purchased by Chung. The electric prototype is powered with batteries produced by Winston Battery.

From the inside the rv motorhome gives look and feel similar to diesel or gas motohome with granite tile floors and counter tops, the only difference is that it’s a green vehicle and runs on batteries.

The president of the MVP RV, Scott Degnan states that the RV is extremely silent, has lots of torque and riding experience is as fun as a golf cart.

This particular electric prototype Winston will not be shown to the US market nearly. Degnan dint disclosed who much battery power the motorhome will need to run and also the chassis configuration is unknown. This electric prototype is only with electric motors, has no engine backup hence depending only on batteries the RV gets only 180 mile range and top speed of 70 mph.

If the Winston was to be introduced in the US market it would cost around $1 million.
Degnan further stated that the model is too expensive to be introduced on the US and America is not ready for such vehicles.

Another prototype is under construction and Dengan says that they will be building for the American market.

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