Caterpillar announces low emitting C27 diesel powered engine

Caterpillar announced on December 14, 2010 that the company will be manufacturing Tier 4 Interim Certified Diesel Generator.

The equipment industry got big news when Caterpillar decided to introduce C27 diesel generator that meets the Tier 4 Interim EPA standards. The rating for this particular package are 800 ekW on standby and 725 ekW prime, the generator is highly competitive has low fuel consumption and high power density.

The NOx output from the generator is reduced as the updated C27is with ACERT Technology and also now has electronic air management system. Thus with new advanced technology the C27 diesel generator meets the Tier 4 emission standards with the need for the use of aftermarket treatment. With factory fitted technology Caterpillar buyers will be benefited as the generator provides most cost effective service as the updates are minimized that doesn’t effects the size or the operating practices of the generator.

Apart from these major updates, the C27 diesel generator receives ADEM A4 controller, MEUI fuel system and ATAAC (Air to Air After Cooler). The new updated durable design for the 27 adds reliability, efficient fuel economy and gives consistent performance. The diesel generator also features Class H insulation system.

The generator also features Cat patented Digital Voltage Regulator and also wind detectors. The Tier 4 C27 generator package adds improved power cabling which ultimately results in high flexibility and reduced installation time. The updated Caterpillar will be fitted with latest EMCP 4 controller. Previously Cat was offered with EMCP 3. Generators with EMCP 4 communicates well has user-friendly interface and better navigation than previous Cat generators.

Scalable platform adds flexibility to meet different customer requirement, the generator also gives better configuration setup and also meets unique installation requirements. The generator features SCADA systems and Ethernet system that makes better communication.

With option comes an enclosure that keeps the generator whether protected and also enables easy accessibility for inspection.

To support the C27 CAT diesel generators, Cat will be factory training its technicians and dealers with new emission technology that will include total support from configuration to installation, maintenance and service.

About Caterpillar

As per the 2009 sales figures ($32.396 billion) Caterpillar emerges as the world’s number one manufacturer of mining and construction equipments those are powered by natural gas, gasoline and industrial gas turbines. Not only in the US but around the world Caterpillar works for preserving environment with low emitting machinery.