5 Tips For Machine Maintenance

March 29, 2022

It is essential that you maintain the equipment if you use automated machinery as part of your manufacturing process. Regular maintenance is the best way for your machines to run smoothly for many years. Machine builders are well aware of this. These are five tips for machine maintenance.

  1. Be Proactive

Properly maintaining a machine is the best way to keep it in good condition. Your equipment should always be kept clean. Even though some jobs can be messy, it is important to keep your equipment and surrounding areas clean. To prevent scraping or grinding, machines should be well lubricated. Routine PM checks are a good way to check machine health and spot problems early. It’s better to investigate immediately if you suspect something is wrong.

  1. Know Your Pressure Points

It is crucial to know where your machine will encounter issues during its lifetime. Paramount builds machines that last. However, every machine needs routine maintenance. It is possible to predict potential problems before they happen by knowing your pressure points. If certain parts of your machine are subject to a lot pressure or force, they might crack or warp more than others. It’s impossible to predict when a machine might break but it is a good idea prepare for most likely scenarios.

  1. Train Your Employees

Every employee who uses a machine should be able to operate it properly. Untrained employees won’t be able to notice warning signs if something is wrong with your equipment. Unplanned downtime can result if an early warning sign isn’t noticed. Employees need to know what to look out for in terms of machine performance, output quality, and other aspects. Employees who know what a machine should produce will be able to spot any potential malfunctions in the final product.

  1. Schedule

Regular machine inspections are important. This schedule should be made available to all who operate the machine. It’s not a good idea to pull out a machine for maintenance while it’s working. Your employees should be able to agree on a calendar so that they don’t start up machines right before they need to shut them down.

  1. Keep Parts Immediately On Hand

You should always have spare parts in stock to help you out in an emergency. To learn which parts are needed for your machine, consult custom-machine builders.

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