Vibration Measurement

February 29, 2016

Talking about the vibration measurement will bring you to the idea about measuring the vibration by using certain equipments. In this case, the equipments are greatly available out there in many different types and brands. What you should use is fully determined by your purpose. The following explanation will tell you more about vibration measurement, including the equipments you can possibly use to come up with the accurate result. Here is the guideline.

The first thing you need to know about vibration measurement is that you can do the measurement can be held if you want to get and produce the data needed to draw meaningful conclusions from the system under test. What is the purpose of taking such data actually?

The data will be used to either minimize or eliminate the vibration which causes noise. Anyway, the noise is sometimes not become the controlling parameter. It will tend to function as the indication to assess quality of the product produced by the system.

What is the vibration measurement example of in process control equipment? You must remember that the excessive vibration can damage the product, limit processing speeds, or even can cause catastrophic machine failure. Now, what are the equipments which will support the measuring process? There are several answers, and the most essentials will be explained briefly now. The system and equipments in vibration measurement are basically divided in to three basic elements. They are such as transducers, preamplifiers and also processing and display equipment.

The first thing in talking about vibration measurement is about the transducers. Generally, the transducers employed in vibration analysis convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this case, they produce an electrical signal which is a function of mechanical vibration. During the process, both velocity pickups and accelerometers which are either attached or mounted to the vibrating surface will be studied.

The first equipment in talking about transducers as the first element of vibration measurement is the velocity pickups. In this case, the electrical output signal of a velocity pickup will be proportional to the velocity of the vibrating mechanism. The velocity of a vibrating mechanism is cyclic in nature, thus its sensitivity will be expressed in peak milli-volts/cm/s. So, the measurement of the voltage will be produced at the point of maximum velocity. Can you catch the point of this vibration measurement?

Further, this vibration measurement device has very low natural frequencies and come to your hand with the great function to measure vibration frequencies which are relatively greater than the natural frequency of the pickup. The important thing you need to know about this velocity pickups is that you can mount it in many different ways. For example, you can stud-mount or held it magnetically to the vibrating surface. The more important to note is that the mounting technique will affect the pickup’s performance vastly.

What about the Accelerometer as the next equipment in vibration measurement? The first thing you need to know about this equipment is that it generates an output signal that is proportional to the acceleration of the vibrating mechanism. It is claimed to be the preferable device if compared to velocity pickup. People have some reasons for this opinion.

The first thing will refer to the accelerometers’ sensitivity in vibration measurement. This device has good sensitivity characteristics as well as the wide useful frequency range. The small and lightweight features become the next reason why they prefer to use it. What about you?

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