How To Perform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance

Fiber Laser cutting machine maintenance should not be about fixing problems. It should be about preventing them from happening. This can only be done through proper maintenance. A successful fiber laser maintenance program is key to a profitable operation, even though not all shop owners and fabrication managers are aware of this truth. Fiber laser cutting machine repairs can be costly reminders to ensure proper maintenance. These machines can cost upwards of 1M and if they don’t produce parts, they can cause financial problems for your plant. The likelihood of expensive downtime or extensive repairs can increase, which will negatively impact a plant’s bottom line.

Training the Team Every team that wins requires training. Training to make sure they work together and training to ensure that they operate together for the benefit of the company, the machine and the company. Your operator should have the same training on the machine and vice versa. Your investment in training your staff will pay off in production throughput and uptime. No matter if your team operates a 10-year-old laser cutting machine or a new fiber laser cutting system, it is important that they are well trained for the job ahead. This will ensure that the machine runs at its best and save your company money.

Follow the Directions Every Fiber Laser Cutting System manufacturer has a recommended maintenance plan. It’s there because it is important. This is a simple concept, but it’s often overlooked or forgotten. It is important to keep a maintenance log for each maintenance interval. This log will help you to track maintenance and make sure that it is done as needed. These instructions can be found in videos embedded into the control software for the fiber laser machine. They are readily accessible to both operators and maintenance personnel. You should not be allowed to ignore the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance intervals and techniques. There should also be no room for excuses.

Knowing your MRO is crucial to the maintenance of your fiber laser cutter machine. Maintenance Repair and Operating (MRO) inventory is essential. The difference between downtime of a few minutes or several days can be made by having the right parts available. Even though fabricators are less inclined to keep a large inventory of spare parts, they must recognize the importance and value of having the right spares. A service agreement is a good way to avoid this problem. A laser service agreement allows the shop to keep a lower inventory of the most critical items, while the contracted service team handles the major maintenance at semi-annual or annual intervals. This keeps the shop stocked with the necessary components. It is a simple and effective way to make sure your machine runs smoothly. Even simple items, such as filters, can cause a fiber laser cutting machine to stop while it waits for a replacement. It is crucial to have the item in stock.

Predict your downfall A skilled service team and operator can spot potential failures by closely monitoring machine parameters, such as the hours spent using each consumable. It is possible to spot anomalies in the machine and predict when lenses or nozzles will need replacement. This can be done easily and effectively by closely monitoring it. Remote monitoring capabilities can be used to monitor the machine’s performance and detect any problems.

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