Haulmark RVs – Leading Manufacturers of Enclosed Trailers

The Haulmark Motorcoach Co. is a RV manufacturer which builds some quality class motor homes, motor garages as well as trailers which are suitable for automobile racing professionals as well as serious enthusiasts. This company was formed in the year 1977 and is located in Bristol in the state of Indiana.

Haulmark RVs are one of the biggest and most complete series of enclosed trailers when it comes to the recreational vehicle industry. These include trailers for motor cycles, cargo, show as well as race cars and snowmobiles. The company is a group of the Universal Trailer Corp. which is one of North America’s largest enclosed trailer manufacturers.

The Haulmark Motor Garage is one of the most popular Haulmark RVs that the company has to offer for racing professionals and other enthusiasts. This RV is unique not only because of it helps in hauling your motorized tools and equipments but also because of the fact that it can get you there in incredible style as well as comfort.

The Haulmark Motor Garage is perfect for hauling around dirt bikes, race cars, motor cycles, dune buggies as well as ATV’s. They are available in a number of different floor plans to choose from. These floor plans are also flexible and you can also choose from different offerings of garage sizes. You can also choose from the wide variety of Haulmark Motor Garage that this company has to offer.

The Haulmark Edge is another popular recreational vehicle from the house of the Haulmark Motor Coach Co. This is a trailer model and is perfect as a race car hauler among other applications. This trailer model has a 48 inch interior of beaver tail. It has an aluminum powder coated siding. Other exterior features include an extended tongue which comes to around 6 inches. This makes towing them behind motor homes quite comfortable. The rear of the Haulmark Edge also has skid plates so that it is safe to drive in low driveway areas and during dips.

These Haulmark RVs feature two separate axle brakes of Torsion Electric of 5,200 pounds which have Ezlube hubs. This trailer has aluminum rims as well as tires. The center caps are of chrome with the lug nuts also having a chrome finishing. The exterior sidewalls of the Haulmark Edge are taped and have riveted seams. The front cap of this race car trailer is of stainless steel, with rear corners of chrome and a rear header also of chrome. The roof is a one piece construction made of aluminum, while it has a blue vinyl awning. The interior has a plywood flooring and features fluorescent lights. It also has a pull out 36 inch side door step.