Church Equipment Leasing

November 19, 2017

he demands of a church are many and the resources to make everything come together can sometimes be frustratingly few.

A church must provide for its members in all the ways that a community does but it also is called upon to provide more than simply comfort and hope and support- it also must be a place where its members can go to get things they simply can’t get anywhere else.

Providing all this can be a challenge. One of the ways to ease the burden and be able to get what you need without having to collect all the funds upfront or subject yourself to the onerous requirements of a bank loan is to use a church equipment leasing specialist.

We can help you fund the needed purchases in a way that doesn’t overly burden your funds or your members. Here are just some of the things you can use a church leasing program to acquire:

Church Sounds Systems
Church Video Systems and Projectors
Recording and Duplication Equipment
Sound and Video Editing Equipment
Broadcasting and Studio Equipment
Computers and Networking Gear
Church Specific Software
Pianos, Organs and other Musical Instruments
Church Furniture, Seating and other Accessories
Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Playground Equipment
And more- just ask!
There are many advantages to using a lease to finance the equipment you want to get, including:

Simple application, fast (usually same day) answers
No application fees
Down payment equal to only one month’s payment
You can wrap many different items into one lease
Seasonally adjustable payment plans
Programs for New Churches, Credit Challenged Churches and more
If you are considering a lease for equipment to outfit your church or ministry, you really should see if we can help you. Since there is no cost to you to find out more and get a quote, take a minute now to complete our fast action lease application.

It literally only takes a minute, doesn’t require any personal information and we can get back to your quickly with your options and possibilities.

If you like what we can do for you we can then walk you through the complete application and have your approval very quickly- often the same day. If you decide to go another direction then at least you know you checked out all the choices before you made your decision.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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