Air Source Heat Pumps For Heating And Cooling Purposes

An Air source heat pump is essentially a central heating or a type of cooling system which pumps heat from air. The earth is used as a heat source during summer when the earth will have absorbed solar heat. The earth is also used as a heat sink.

The air source heat pump uses the heat from the earth to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of pumping. Sometimes this is combined with the solar energy to form geo solar system which produces even more efficiency. The temperature on the upper core of the earth is extracted and utilized. Heat pumps can transfer heat against the natural system i.e. from the cooler region to the warmer region.

In 1853 Lord Kevin explained the idea of heat pump which was put into action by Peter Ritter von Rittinger during 1985. The concept was later commercialized and put into use much later during 1946. Despite its efficiency, the system got acceptance much later during 1970 in Sweden. Since then it is gaining acceptance slowly. Heat pumps provide heating during winter by extracting heat from the earth as they can transfer heat against the normal flow. That is temperate is absorbed from the earth to transfer it to the building despite the temperate being low outside. On the other hand, during summer the heat pump absorbs heat from the building and transfers it to the earth. These pumps are provided with heat exchanger in contact with the air for the transfer of heat.

Similarly Air source heat pumps installation helps to extract heat from air to cool the interiors or transfer heat from the interiors to outside. The air contains some heat unless it is below zero degrees. The heat pumps can extract this heat and can transfer it against the natural flow as the Air source heat pumps. This technology is used to heat water, heat interiors and also for space heating.

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