5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Machine Tools

March 29, 2022

A machine tool is an essential piece of equipment for small and large businesses. If your machine is well maintained, it will last many years. However, if neglected, it can lead to costly repairs. Here are some maintenance tips to help extend the life of your machine tools.

Keep them Dry

Preventative care is key. Make sure your machine tools are dry. You can preserve your equipment for longer periods of time by keeping them away from the elements.

Keep them lubricated

It’s important to dry the machine’s body, but it’s just as important to ensure that the machine’s moving parts are properly lubricated. You should check the lubrication levels for joints, moving parts and internal components if you use your machine tool daily. Your machine tool could be damaged if it is not properly lubricated. Contact your local Phoenix machine shop to find out what type of lubrication should be used between maintenance visits.

Keep them sharp

It is important to regularly check the sharpness of any machine tools that have components for cutting, slicing or sharpening. These sharpening components can cause your machine to work harder and can lead to production interruptions that can result in substandard products. This is especially true for materials that are precision-oriented, which is where accuracy is paramount.

Keep them clean

Problems can develop in the long-term and short-term if your machine tool isn’t kept clean. In the short-term, clogged machines can be dangerous for both workers and machinery. Grease can cause your machine to have a shorter lifespan and more expensive repairs. A Phoenix machine shop technician should be able advise you on the best cleaning schedule based on your machine and your production output.

Accessories are important!

It is important to take good care of accessories, as well as the machine itself. You should treat accessories to your machine with the same care. Incompatible accessories can lead to damaged machines and waste of time. You know that machine tools are a vital part of any business. It’s also important to make sure that your investment lasts for the life of the machine. To learn more about preventative maintenance and to schedule repairs, or to find out what a Phoenix machine shop could do for your business, give our office call today.

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