3 Keys to Improve Machine Safety

March 29, 2022

Manufacturers must ensure machine safety to reduce accidents and protect staff. But a comprehensive safety strategy is more than just these benefits. Here are three safety tips that manufacturers can use to reap the benefits of machine safety.

  1. Take a look at each machine individually

Plant managers should carefully consider the fit of a new machine in relation to the overall manufacturing environment. This will help them develop ergonomic and safe working practices. To ensure that the environment is safe, the plant manager must conduct risk assessments. This will include factors like machine emissions which could impact the ventilation. Different types of machines will require different safety precautions. The EN 60204-1 standard covers electrical equipment, which includes requirements for documentation, enclosures, isolators and actuators. Manufacturers must ensure that their machines are designed according to the applicable standards and that they work in accordance with them. Equipment may be required to comply with directives regarding explosive atmospheres and dangerous substances. These regulations are essential to protect your production facility, and more importantly, your employees.

  1. Train personnel

Personnel could get hurt if they don’t have a thorough understanding of the operation of machinery. Safety management requires that you provide training to your employees on the proper procedures and processes for machine operation. You should also include the personal protective equipment (PPE), that must be worn during machine operation. To ensure that maintenance and operation are done correctly, checklists can also be provided. A designated person, such as a safety manger, should be identified so that personnel have someone to contact in the event of any confusion or question. This will reduce the chance of human error.

  1. Connect

Another way to increase safety in the workplace is to add sensors to your production lines to monitor the performance. Plant managers can use the internet of things (IoT), to gather and analyze real time information about their equipment. This will reduce accidents and help identify machinery issues that could pose a safety risk for personnel. The connected machines can monitor the parameters of equipment to detect any potential overheating. This can be dangerous and can cause a malfunction. Personnel can be evacuated if a serious hazard is identified. If it’s a simple part that is broken, the connected system can alert the plant manager so they can order a replacement, perform maintenance, and get the system back up to speed. Safety at work is essential to reduce the chance of serious and fatal accidents. It offers workers many benefits, but the added benefit of connecting systems to increase productivity is a bonus.

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