How to Turn Ordinary Soil Into Prime Topsoil


The major factor in having a beautiful garden or landscaping is the quality of the soil of your property. This article will explain the steps to take to convert ordinary soil into quality topsoil Auckland for garden design Sydney and flowerbeds. I will also detail the tools needed to make this transformation and how to build and use a special tool to screen ordinary soil.

The tools needed for this process are common and are probably already in your garage or tool shed. To work with soil you need a medium sized tarpaulin, a digging shovel (pointed tip), a pickaxe, a fork, a digging bar (if your property is very rocky), and a 4 – 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow. With these tools in hand you are ready to begin turning sections of your property into very productive gardens or planting beds.

Before you begin digging, the first thing to do is to build the screening tool. To make this tool you will need to get the following supplies from a home supply or hardware store. One or two 2″X4″ 8′ pieces of lumber, 8 angle brackets, a small roll of ½” galvanized screening, a staple gun and staples. Once these materials are secured you are ready to build the screening tool.

First, measure the top of the wheelbarrow. You need to cut the 2″X4″ lumber into pieces sized so that you can make a frame that will fit on top of your wheelbarrow. Screw the angle brackets into the 4 corners of the frame – on both sides. Finally, cut the galvanized screening to a size large enough to cover one side of the frame and staple the screening securely to the frame. This soil screen will last for years and will quickly separate roots, twigs, and rocks from your soil.

Select an area of land and mark it off. Lay the tarpaulin next to the site and start digging. Break up the soil with the pickaxe and fork, and dig down to about 6″ of depth. As you dig out the dirt shovel it onto the tarp. When done place the soil screen onto the wheelbarrow and shovel the dirt from the tarp onto the screen. Push the soil back and forth with the shovel and discard the rocks and other debris left on top of the screen. The wheelbarrow will soon fill with sifted, soft topsoil. To improve soil quality even more, you can mix peat moss or sand into the sifted soil. If your natural soil has a lot of clay in it – sand will help the soil to drain better. If your soil is very sandy or dry, peat moss will help the soil to retain water. You can also go for bobcat services Perth for all your landscaping needs.