11 Things You Must Know About Machine

11 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Vending Machine Business, especially if the Equipment is Foreign Made.

Are you considering buying a new vending machine for a start-up business or an addition to your currently successful vending business? Well, before you commit to a purchase, there are a few things that you should ask of the vending machine company. We at United Marketing want to make sure that you are an informed consumer. Your vending business is just as important to us as it is to you. We want to make sure that your vending machine business can thrive without worrying about breakdowns due to poor-quality, foreign-made parts. Our customer support is second to none, and we lead the industry in responsiveness and effectiveness.

One way we support our customers is by being up front and honest with them. Other vending machine sydney companies will attempt to scare you away from us by telling you that we always change our name. But here is the real story. We have always been at the same address, and we have always had our current telephone number. We own several vending machine companies, some of them sell to corporations, some sell retail to individual store owners, and some sell to customers like you who buy wholesale and direct. We use several different companies for our different demographics for accounting purposes. Don’t let these scare tactics convince you to buy low-quality vending machines made overseas instead of quality, American made vending machines from United Marketing Associates Corporation.

The following 11 items are things that you should be aware of when looking into purchasing a vending machine:

1. Are the vending machines you intend to buy made right here in America?

American made vending machines are the only way to go. A lot of our competitor’s claim that they are the manufacturers of their machines. This is NOT TRUE! These machines are cheaply made in foreign countries with low-quality parts that will lead to early repairs. These foreign-made vending machines may also contain lead paint, which can affect you, your product, and the environment.

We have had this equipment from these foreign vending machine manufacturers ourselves, and we found them to be substantially inferior to American made vending equipment. That is why our vending machines are all made here in America, giving you the best quality and workmanship that the world can offer.

2. Authentic Certificate Guarantee Made in America.

Don’t buy from any company unless you get in writing that your vending machines are made here in America. If the vending company that you are thinking of buying from doesn’t offer a written guarantee that their machines are made in America, beware. It means that the vending machines they are selling are foreign made with low-quality parts.

3. Below are some machines that are cheaply made overseas.

These vending machines look sturdy, don’t they? But the truth is that they are made overseas and lack any real quality. We’ve had machines similar to these in the past, and we were fooled by them also. But now we are only offering high-quality machines made here in the States. You deserve the best equipment you can get, not vending machines whose manufacturers cut corners to maximize their profits at your expense. You can rest assured that our American made vending machines won’t steer you wrong.

4. Be aware of the quality of vending machine that different companies offer.

Many vending machine suppliers on the Internet will warn you that a majority of the vending machine companies will offer you vending equipment that they know is inferior so that they can make as much money off of you as they can. They rightly say that these companies count on the fact that you don’t know the difference between a low-quality vending machine and a well-made, American vending machine. This is especially true for any vending company that sells foreign manufactured vending machines.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of our vending machines at United Marketing. All of our machines are made in America with our 10 Year Vending Warranty. We are here to make sure that you have the support you need to be successful, not to leave you high and dry like some other vending machine companies. Make sure that the vending machines you buy are indeed the best, and beware of vending companies that cannot back up their claims.

5. Watch out for electronic vending machines that have wheels.

Electronic vending machines that have wheels on them sound like a great way for you to get behind the machines to clean and possibly perform maintenance. It sounds good until you realize that you will also need a Liability Insurance Policy to cover any machine on wheels. This is so you are covered if someone gets hurt by your moving vending machine that may tip over and injure someone. This adds a major extra expense to your vending business.

None of our machines have wheels. This is because we value the safety of the patrons in your locations. It also has the added benefit of lowering your operating costs for our machines.

6. Make sure that you are dealing with a vending machine company that actually has machines to sell.

Some companies offer you a foreign-made refreshment center with modules. Be aware that they may not actually have them to deliver. They will tell you that you need to locate your base machine first, and only then will they tell you to buy their refreshment modules. Be careful, since most companies that offer this refreshment module system don’t even have them to deliver to you. They are just using them to try to get you to buy into their base vending machine.

7. Make sure that your machines can vend every type of snack and soda options available.

A lot of foreign made vending machines save on money by skimping out on valuable space that you would need in order to sell things like Monster, Gatorade, and pastries. You need to make sure that the machine you settle on does not back you into a corner and limit your vending choices. Variety is what customers expect, and variety is what you need to delivery. Our made in America vending machines will not limit you on ANY vending options. You can freely sell all varieties of sodas, snacks, energy drinks, pastries, microwavable foods, and more! We know that you need to be able to offer everything that your customers desire. Making sure that your machine is built to handle all product types is another way we can help you become successful.

8. Mechanical vending machine parts need to be able to withstand normal use.

Beware of vending machine companies that are trying to sell you foreign made vending machines. These machines have cheap, plastic coin mechanisms that will break on you. This will cause major maintenance headaches for any vending machine business. Time is money, and if your machine is spending it’s time in the repair shop, it’s not making you any money! Be sure that your equipment is made out of durable materials.

All of our mechanical vending machines are made of solid steel, including our coin mechanisms. We’ve seen the quality (or lack thereof) of foreign made machines. This is why we are now selling American made vending machines. You can rest assured that our machines are built to withstand normal wear-and-tear.

9. What are the details of the Lifetime Fire/Theft/Vandalism Guarantee that the vending machine company offers?

A lot of the vending machine companies out there offer a fire/theft/vandalism guarantee that sounds great, but the devil is always in the details. The truth on their lifetime theft/vandalism/fire deductible policy is that it has a 50% deductible on the price you pay for the vending machine. This can cause a large overhead cost at any point in time.

On the other hand, our lifetime fire/theft/vandalism deductible is flat, meaning that you pay a flat deductible, not 50% of your cost. We also offer the longest 10 Year Guarantee in the vending industry because we only sell vending machines that are made with quality, made in America.

10. Foreign made electronic machines and the Vending Machine Controller (The brains of the equipment)

Known as the Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) board, the machines that are currently supplied by foreign countries have controllers in the equipment that are not of US origin. They are not designed to adhere to the vending industry standards, and are not capable of MDB communication to all third-party equipment offered in the industry. Simply put, most vending machines cannot handle any plug and play equipment for changing or upgrading your machines to the latest security features. These security upgrades will let you protect yourself against counterfeit currency and be able to accept government upgrades to paper money and coinage.

Our machines are compliant with MDB Protocol Standards, and offer DEX compatibilities to store all sales information, such as: cash in, cash out, coin in, coin out, selection sales recording of items, and allow for remote monitoring capabilities of your locations. The Vending Machine Controllers (VMC) in our machines offer the strongest machine control in the industry, allowing you to control your destiny as we manufacture the machines. We make sure that all of the process code is written and insure we meet all Governing Body standards. Our American made machines are designed to the N.A.M.A. North American Merchandising Association, UL, ETL, CSA, NRCAN, and Energy Star standards.

11. Our 10 Year Product Guarantee

Most companies only offer you a 1-7 year warranty. On the other hand, our 10 Year Guarantee, the longest in the industry, is ‘bumper to bumper’. We can offer the longest Guarantee in the vending industry because we only sell vending machines that are made with quality, and made in America with American workers.

In summary, make sure you know the facts on the machines you are looking at buying. One easy way to avoid a major pit fall is to make sure that your vending machine is built right here in America. Sturdy, dependable, and strong. Shy away from companies that offer low-quality, cheaply made foreign equipment. We are here to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice possible. At United Marketing, we value your success and entrepreneurial spirit. That’s what makes America great, and we want to help you along the path of financial independence by offering only the best vending machines from the best workers in the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer them.

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